Thursday, April 21, 2016

Project 2020 Revisit

I am sorry blog for not coming back on in February.

Yes my 2020 plan is on :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Project 2020

I started my project 2020 yesterday. I'll revisit this post every-year in February to note my observations from the year bygone on this project.

Act of love

I feel that act of love is ubiquitous among many acts of our near and dear ones, friends and family and the loved ones. I always feel that all these acts of love are guided by the God himself. Here are my two stories of act of love in which I strongly believe that God had something to do:

The sunny day

It was a sunny summary day when the sun was at his fiercest mood. I was down with infections in nose and ears and high fever, and had just come out consulting a doctor. I was standing beside the road with my head down and eyes closed, too tired to be able to try to catch an auto to go home. Suddenly, one auto came and halted in front of me, and was waiting for me. Instinctively, I approached the auto driver, who was a middle aged man with unshaved beard, to ask if he would come to Uttarahalli. Without any word the man put the meter down and started the auto. He was ready to go wherever I wanted as if someone sent him to take me home!

The old man

It was any regular day. I got ready to go to office and when I was crossing the park near my house I could see an old man in white kurta and dhoti sitting under a tree, apparently begging! He didn’t look like those professional beggars and his clothes didn’t show the signs of living on the street. He looked tired, exhausted and hungry. I felt a pang in my heart and wished I could help him. But I was getting late for the office. But one idea hit me and I realized I could help him. I called home and asked my mother to send some food in a paper plate to the man sitting under the tree. Later I came to know the rest of the story. When my brother took some roti and sabzi and a bottle of water to the man, he kept asking my brother “Is this for me, really?” He was completely ignorant about how the God had just showed his love through someone he would never know. I have never seen that man again.

---Wrote this up for the office newsletter to be published under "Act of Love"---

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Even Unseen Dreams also Fulfill

Aren't we constantly running to fulfill our dreams?

Sometimes we can fulfill them after years of perseverance....sometime the unfulfillment of those dreams prick so badly that even the thought of following them leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

For me, I have fulfilled a lot of my dreams and have a lot of dreams unfulfilled as well, which I do not wish to follow anymore.

But, there are are certain dreams that I never dared to see but got fulfilled. One such unseen dream got fulfilled today. And hence the post.

When I was staying in Kolkata, I was a stueednt. I and my sister used to stay in a private ladies hostel. Now when I look back, I cannot believe that we lived those days. It seems like a movie that I finished watching now. I will write in detail about those days sometime later, as this post is simply not about remembering those cruel yet funfilled and simple days.

We were staying in Baghajatin while we had to go to Park Street to attend our classes. Our bus used to take the route via Hazra and via Elgin road. In Elgin road, there was the biggest show room of P C Chandra jewellers bright with yellow lights and well protected behind iron gates and two armed guards at the gate. Everytime my bus used to cross that showroom, when I used to be mostly balancing myself while standing in the thick crowd in the bus, I never even dreamt that one day I would go and purchase anything from that shop.

Today after what feels like an eternity, when I was buying earrings from P C Chandra(not from the Elgin road showroom, but the M G Road shworoom in Bangalore), I thought that this definitely calls for a blog post. I also realized that may be there is no such thing as "imposiible". After all, we never know what is really there in the store of future - both good and bad, who knows...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fake Fake World

The world is so fake. Sometime I feel I am living inside a departmental store where everything, or should I say "everyone?", around me is wrapped in plastic pack. I know that we all know this and that we all see this phenomenon happening around us everyday, but here is the incident that triggered this post.

On Monday we had gone for a team lunch to meet one counter partner of our project who was working from USA. He happens to be an Indian but settled in the USA. During the lunch I could see that everyone from our team, which is six ladies (including me), were on their toes to impress him. Most notably the lady in red, who was the manager of the project for some time, took the best care possible of him. She went out of her way to make him feel special. After the lunch I along with two other ladies got into the car of lady in red and she dropped us at office.

But I couldnt believe what happened next. The moment she got into the car, the lady in red started criticizing our guest like hell. I couldnt believe that she disliked him so much as from her behaviour I imagined she was very appreciative of the guest and his contribution to the project. Then another lady, who was furiously putting make up in the lift, joined the lady in red, criticizing the guest over his looks. And then another lady who came in a special new dress that day, started bad mouthing him about how that person disturbs him in her work.

I understand the reaction of other two ladies as they were trying to impress the lady in red, after all she was a manager. But I could never understand the way lady in red baheved. If she disliked him so much then she had all the reasons not to turn up for the lunch. It was not mandetory after all. And I really cant understand how she was sweet to him when she disliked him so much!

Another incident of super fake attitude of the same day: That day I along with two other ladies (the lady with make up and the lady with new dress) shared an auto to reach the venue. On the way we were chatting about things one or two. Then I realized that the other two ladies were discussing something, and I missed what they had said so I asked them "what did you say?"...these two ladies pretended that they didnt hear me. So, at that very moment I knew what it was about. These two ladies are up for the promotion for lead positions. So, they are talking about the upcoming test and interviews and meeting schedules and etc. As per my company policy, these issues are not to be discussed in public. These issues are not even discussed among two participating employees. But since these ladies are friends so there is no harm doing that. But what was odd that they were discussing this in my presence and i am not participating in this process. Then why are they doing this? The answer to this question lies in the super fake attitude that people in my company posses in abundance. When in presence with people with lower positions, the people in higher positions get partial blindness and they dont see or cant hear people from lower positions. For example, in this situation I am a developer and these two ladies are soon going to be they dont see me sitting there or they dont hear me asking questions....for them I dont exist. They will see me and hear me when they will want to.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mental Slavery

The movie Mary Kom has released. I am sure in next couple of hours all those I-am-a-great-Hollywood-buff would start screaming that it's a copy paste of Million Dollar Baby.

No? You dont think Mary Kom is a rip off of Million Dollar Baby? Please, you must be kidding. Can't you see Priyanka is practicing in the ring like Hillary Swank? Cant you see she is a boxer like Hillary? What? Mary Kom is based on a real life story of Mary Kom from India? But, who is Mary Kom? Whatever, I am not interested in all these GK...please keep these geeky stuff to yourself...I follow only NBA and Whitehouse politics...what the crap are you talking about?

Well, that's pretty much the type of people we have in India now, who have no respect for their country and grossly believe that all Bollywood movies are copy paste of Bollywood movies even if the Bollywood movie realead earlier!!! For exameple, I have heard hundreds of people saying how Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya (MPKK) released in 2005 is a complete rip-off of Just Go with It (JGWI) released in 2011!!! It's a different thing that both these movies are loosely based on Cactus Flower released in interestingly no one is calling JGWI a rip-off....but MPKK? Oh, it's a blatant copy.

So, essentially we have a generation coming up who are mentally slaves to USA, UK, or any developed country for that matter. They believe it with every drop of their blood that everything that happens in India is crap, and everything happening in USA is great. They watch Hollywood movies, they watch English serials....i know people who dont know the name of Hrithik Roshan and they are so proud of it. They cant even think of watching a Hindi serial or a Hindi movie.

I watch both Hindi and English serails...I have my likes and dislikes in both the groups. I watch movies made in Hindi, English, Bengali. I never had this feeling that all movies made in English are better than all movies made in Hindi or Bengali. Again, I have my likes and dislikes in both the groups. I have seen rotten English movies (they are successful commercially though and I see so many people going ga ga over them) and I have seen the greatest of Hindi and Benglai movies...Even though I watch a lot of English movies and serails, I never felt like looking down upon Hindi or Bengali stuff. I can neve believe in the fact that everything that comes out in English is better than everything that is made in Hindi or Bengali.

So, I really dont know where these people are going. No matter how much they try, they will remain Indian the entire matter how much they hate their own culture or own people and no matter where they go in the world, they will always be associated with India and its culture and its movies and its people. No matter how much excellance they gain in English languagae, their mother tongue will never be English and they will always be tagged as "non-native English speakers". No matter how great their knowledge in Hollywood in, they still might be victim of racist attack in USA for being an Indian.

Then why not stop running after to be someone they are not? Then why not start appreciating what they have?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What a Shame

A protector of rapists, that's what the Kolkata CM is...instaed of captching the rapists, she would go ahead and harrass the victims and would save the rapists under her pallu.